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And check out the new continuing MIGHTYGUY webcomic! Now episodes posted every Monday!

Coming in February 2010! TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES #42!  Only $1.50 ppd. Or subscriber to the next 12 issues for a mere $15.00. Comics you can depend on month after month! Comics that are fun to collect! Comics that will entertain the bejeebers out of you!


Order from: Tim Corrigan, 10545 Co. Rt. 15, Fillmore NY 14735

And check out the new continuing MIGHTYGUY webcomic! 

                   New episodes posted every Monday!

You've reached the home of  TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES, MIGHTYGUY, FRED'N'MARVIN, TYRAN, ELASTICWORM, CAPTAIN HAMMER, SMALL PRESS COMICS EXPLOSION, and more cool comics and characters than you can shake a stick at!

Forty years! Forty freakin' years! I can hardly believe I've been making homemade comics for that long! WHAT AM I, CRAZY?!
   It didn't start out as NEW VOICE MEDIA. Oh, no! It actually started out when I was 7 years old....it's a long story that's still unfolding. If you want to read the whole pulse-pounding saga, go to the HISTORY LESSON page of this website!
   And as long as I have your undivided attention, here the cover to the newest issue of TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES!

Coming in April 2009 from Allen Freeman's FAN-ATIC PRESS in association with NEW VOICE MEDIA - MIGHTYGUY - OUT TO LUNCH! A full size comic with full color covers. It will premiere at the S.P.A.C.E. Convention in April in Columbus, Ohio. Or only $4.00 postpaid! Order from: Tim Corrigan, 10545 Co. Rt. 15, Fillmore NY 14735.

   I guess I'm best known for the creation of MIGHTYGUY  and for publishing a little magazine back in the 1980's called SMALL PRESS COMICS EXPLOSION!
  All the SMALL PRESS COMICS EXPLOSION covers I could find are posted on the HISTORY page of this website, If you'd like a free sneak peek at a classic Mightyguy story, there's one of those posted on this website as well. Go to the MIGHTYGUY STORY  page!

   These days I'm putting all my energy into publishing TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES, a 12-page digest with full color covers, now into its 3rd year of monthly publication! This is probably the most dependable comic small press has ever known, and I expect to be publishing TCC&S for the rest of my life!

Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #18 coverTim Corrigan's Comics & Stories #23 cover
Here are a few covers! If you want to see them ALL, go to the TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS& STORIES page of this website!

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