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  Here are the full-color covers to the first 30 issues of TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES!  Pretty cool, eh?  These masterpieces are available to you for the ridiculously low price of only $1.50 each, except for the GIANT SIZE SPECIAL #1 (32 PGS.)  which is $3.50. Order a few, order 'em all - whatever floats yer' boat! And you can subscribe for $15.00 per year which will put the next 12 issues right in your mailbox! See, it just keeps getting cooler!


TCC&S #1 - who'd have guessed that sitting at home with a friend, sharing a movie and a bowl of popcorn, could turn into such a ridiculous adventure! This premiere issue was printed in a limited run of 50 B&W copies, only a handful of which are left for $1.00. It was later re-issued with the color cover you see above and is available for $1.50.
TCC&S #2,3,4 - a 3-part epic called "The Big Book Signing" in which Fred Schmurt, Marvin Ferble and Mightyguy arrange to visit Bilbo Bagpipes Big Shop'o'Comics in the hopes of connecting to their largely imaginary fan base! Who should show up to through a wrench in this master plan, but every tough guy in town! A few B&W copies are available for $1.00, but the $1.50 color cover versions are way cooler!
TCC&S #5,6,7,8 - a 4-part adventure called "Fathers & Sons" in which I tried to explain the influences that made our hero and his fictional publisher the bizarre characters that they are! This story line generated a lot of fan response and subscriptions - the series was a hit! B&W version - $1.00, Color cover versions $1.50 each. By this time people were beginning to recognize that Mightyguy was indeed, "The funniest comic known to man!"


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MIGHTYGUY  has been called the funniest comic known to man!


  And here are the covers to the first 7 issues of TIM CORRIGAN'S MINI-COMICS & STORIES! A new series that contains some of the material that wouldn't fit in our flagship title. Full color covers - only $1.00 each from; Tim Corrigan, 10545 Co. Rt. 15, Fillmore NY 14735
   Here's a complete list of the mini-comics released so far in this series, plus a listing of those scheduled for release during 2009!
#1 (April 2008) The Good Guy Gang
#2 (May 2008) The Stranded Man
#3 (June 2008) Herman & Stilts
#4 (July 2008) Betty Hogsome
#5 (August 2008) The Neighborhood Kids
#6 (Sept 2008) Large Marge
#7 (Oct 2008) Thought Balloons
#8 (Nov 2008) TheNeighborhood Kids
#9 (Dec 2008) Captain Hammer
#10 (Jan 2009) Captain Hammer
#11 (Feb 2009) Captain Hammer
#12 (March 2009) Captain Hammer
#13 (April 2009) Captain Hammer
#14 (May 2009) The Neighborhood Kids
#15 (June 2009) The Legend of Big Fat Stupid Head
#16 (July 2009) Cathy & the Three Bears
#17 (August 2009) No Spoon for Sally
#18 (Sept 2009) The Neighborhood Kids
You can order all the back issues (#1-9) directly from me for only $1.00 each ppd. And you can subscribe for $12.00 for the next 12 issues! I've no set schedule for TIM CORRIGAN'S MINI-COMICS & STORIES, but they usually appear monthly, or as often as I am able to get a new one out!

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